Lee's Summit R7 Parents As Teachers

September 2017

Parents As Teachers promotes the optimal early development, learning, and health of children by supporting and engaging their parents and caregivers.

Happy Parenting!

A new school year has begun and the weather is supposed to start getting cooler next week - Fall is in the air!

With all the changes with the new school year and routines, sometimes our little ones struggle with behavior and the lack of their 'normalcy'. Remember, helping them to understand their feelings and helping them to learn how to properly respond to their frustrations is our job as parents. Check with your parent educator for ideas.

We have lots of great activities coming this month! Please check below for additional information...something new this year is our Roll and Read! It's going to be amazing! Hope to see you there!

Sharing....it is really is hard to do.

From our Speech Pathologist

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Children typically learn to speak in a systematic order. When a child misses a sound or begins substituting another sound in its place, we need to start at the beginning and teach the sound correctly at the isolation level and then work through steps until the child can say that sound correctly at the conversational level. If a child can make a “G” sound at the isolation level, it does not mean that they are capable of saying, “Where did the dog go?” with correct articulation at the sentence level. Traditional articulation therapy follows these same steps that you can follow at home. It would look something like this:

  1. Isolation level- “P” or whatever the sound is that you are working on.

  2. Syllable level- Pe, Pa, Pi, Po, Pu, Ep, Ap, Ip, Op, Up

  3. Word level- Pig, Apple, Hop (Practice the target sound in the beginning, middle and end of words)

  4. Phrase level- “My pig,” “Your apple,” “Hop down.”

  5. Sentence level- “I see a pig,” “I want an apple,” “Bunnies like to hop.”

  6. Reading or Picture Description- “The pig is rolling in the mud.” The child is commenting on the picture without the sentence being modeled for them to repeat.

  7. Conversational level- Using sounds correctly in every day speech, across different environments- preschool, home, park, etc.

It is also important to understand that not all sounds are created equal. It is important to focus on sounds that are appropriate for your child’s age. For instance, most 2 year olds will not be able to make an /R/ sound, but they should more easily be able to make /H,P,B,M,W/ sounds. So, if they are not using those early developing sounds, that would be the place to start, and save /R/ for when they are older and more able to perform complex motor skills. The following shows the age at which your child should be able to correctly produce each sound. Check to see which sounds are in your child’s age level to know where to begin.

3 years- P,B,M,H,N,D,W

3 ½- K,F at the beginning of words

4- G,T

5- V,Y,Kw,Tw, F at the end of words

6- L and L-blends

7- S,Z,Sh,Ch,J,ng, S-blends

8- Th, R, R-blends

Upcoming Activities

Did you know?????

September 8, 2017 is Grandparents Day

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September 13, 2017 is National Kids Take Over The Kitchen Day

What a great experience for kiddos to help in the kitchen. Show them the recipe and then talk about a plan. There are lots of ways kids can help including washing, tearing, measuring, and pouring. Talk about what you are doing together and the process beginning to end - preparing and gathering ingredients all the way to cleaning up when finished.

Lots of great learning taking place as well as lots of togetherness...a win-win!

Something fun to do! (And it's FREE!)

  1. Visit the Native Hoofed Animal Enclosure (8010 E. Park Rd., Lee's Summit, MO, 816.229.8980) at Fleming Park, where you can watch white-tailed deer, elk and bison eat and play. Bring apples or carrots and feed the animals through the fence. Then enjoy a walk or hike on one of the many trails in Fleming Park with beautiful fall foliage and views of Lake Jacomo.
  2. Pack a picnic and explore Waterfall Park (4501 S. Bass Dr., Independence, MO, 816.325.7375). The 18-acre park, near Bass Pro Shops, is nestled in a wooded area overlooking a lake and waterfalls and features a fantastic playground, small rock wall, small lake, walking trails, picnic tables and the scenic backdrop of a waterfall.

Book Ideas for September

Apples by Gail Gibbons

Ten Apples Up on Top by LeSieg

The Apple Pie that Papa Baked by Thompson

Tucker's Apple Dandy Day by Winget

One Red Apple by Ziefert

Will you tell us your story about student success through R-7 Story Project?

Do you have a story about your child that you'd like to share focusing on his or her success in school? As part of "The Story Project," Lee's Summit R-7 is featuring personal stories about our students and their accomplishments in school. We are looking for stories about a specific incident or an individual school staff member making a positive difference for your child.

The stories may be about children from birth through high school and may be submitted by parents and guardians of both past and present students. Stories should be 200 words or less and should go to janice.phelan@lsr7.net. You may also contact Janice Phelan to provide general information, and she will draft your story for your review.

For more information about The Story Project, visit the website.