Events-Matty's Death

BMS Summer Reading Assignment - Adriano Lopez

Matty's Death

A very dramatic scene was that of when Matty sacrificed his life in order to heal the Earth. Matty was not aware of his healing gift because he has not used it much. Matty decided to use his powers after he was instructed to do so by Leader via Kira's telepathy powers. Matty's healing gift does not work to heal humans, but it is very effective at healing the Earth. The only problem is that he was too weak at the time he used his powers and resulted in him dying.

The way the book describes Matty's healing event was very dramatic. The book says: when he starts to heal the Earth, he felt a tiny sensation. His heart started pounding and he felt his blood rushing through his veins. He then felt his blood rush through his muscles, he tensed up and his lungs collapsed.

Matty was very brave to give his life to heal the Earth. He earned my respect and admiration.