Mens Husker Basketball 2013-2014

#Nebrasketball By.Maddie S.

The New Arena

The Huskers (this year) got a new basketball arena. The arena is called Pinnacle Bank Arena. The Pinnacle Bank Arena opened on August 16th 2013. The Pinnacle Bank Arena holds up to 15,147 people.

No Sit Sunday

Sunday March 9th 2014 is "no sit Sunday". The Huskers will be playing against the WI Badgers. Remember to stand up and be loud!

Go Big Red!

Team Players

The team players are....Tai Webster(no.0), David Rivers(no.2), Benny Parker(no.3), Nathan Hawkins(no.4), Terran Petteway(no.5), Trevor Menke(no.10), Mike Peltz(no.12), Sergej Vucetic(no.14), Ray Gallegos(no.15), Leslee Smith(no.21), Nick Fuller(no.23), Shavon Shields(no.31), Tim Wagner(no.33), Walter Pitchford(no.35), and Kye Kurkowski(no.44).
Nebraska Basketball - Legends Weekend 2014