Book Creator

A super versatile app!

What does the app do?

With Book Creator, students can create an iBook or PDF file of a book. The books can be read in iBooks, printed, or emailed. When creating their books, students can add text, handwritten text, drawings, images, and audio. (Audio does not work if the book is exported as a PDF file.) Page background and text colors can be changed. Fonts and font sizes can also be changed. Books are fully customizable to fit the author's visions and needs.

So many possibilities!

One of the best things about Book Creator is that it can be used for many things and in many subject areas! If students use the same iPad each time that they use Book Creator, they will have access to all of the books that they are currently working on. (Imagine a math vocabulary book that is a work in progress all year!) Book Creator could be used as a means for publishing stories that are written during Writing. As an added perk, students could record themselves reading their story aloud! In Science, students could write a book about the steps of the water cycle or different types of energy. The ways that Book Creator could be used go on and on...

NEW: Export as video!

With a recent update, the developers of Book Creator added the option of exporting a book as a video! What this means for you is that a student's book and audio within the book can be used to create a video! The video will be uploaded to OLA's private YouTube channel. From there, you could share a private link to the video with parents. Parents could then see their child's book and hear the audio that their child has added to the book. How cool is that?!?

Classroom Examples

The possibilities are endless!

Check out these sites for more inspiration!