The STEM Academy @ Morristown High School - Morristown, NJ

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Program Overview

The Integrated STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) Academy at Morristown High School offers a unique interdisciplinary experience for students who wish to pursue a rigorous sequence of STEM courses while engaging in professional presentations, field experiences, mentors, capstone projects, and other STEM enrichment activities. The STEM Academy offers a rich suite of courses arranged into several tracks of learning such as Engineering, Sustainability, Architecture, Biomedicine, Research Science and Computer Science. Entering freshmen that apply to the STEM Academy commit to a four-year program of study that requires additional STEM coursework yet is flexible enough to allow for non-STEM electives. STEM Academy students need to complete their required coursework for their chosen track to graduate with Honors from the STEM program. STEM Academy students enter a foundational Integrated STEM course in ninth grade. By tenth grade, students choose a designated STEM pathway and arrange the required courses as a cohesive sequence of elective studies. MHS STEM students will complete an integrated capstone project, senior mentorship, required course work, professional mentorship, and community service while participating in the program. Graduates of the STEM Academy go on to continue their education at some of the most prestigious colleges and universities across the country!
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Core Beliefs

The MHS STEM Academy continues to build off of the Seven Key Components that were outlined and put in place to serve as an educational foundation. These components serve as the cornerstone of the MHS STEM program as well as STEM instruction across the Morris School District. These original components are:

Seven Core Components of the MHS STEM Programs

1. Enhancing STEM Curriculum & Co-Curricular Programs

2. Implementing an Academy Learning Model
3. Hiring Faculty Experts
4. Creating a Blended Technology Learning Model

5. Redesigning Building Facilities & Learning Spaces
6. Developing Professional Connections & Mentorship Programs

7. Establishing Post-Secondary and Career Partnerships

Along with the original core components a new area of focus has
been infused into the program. The newest core component includes
aspects of Engineering Design, Design Thinking and Student Innovation. This newly developed core principle stresses design thinking in student problem solving that can be applied to the design loop of experimentation, innovative creations and capstone projects. As we head into 2018 design thinking skill sets, workshops and practices have been implemented in all aspects of the academy learning experience.

Integrated STEM, Design & Innovation

Integration, Design & Innovation are the current pillars that continue to define the Morristown High School STEM Academy. The academy program has doubled down on programs and skill sets that parallel curricular learning while providing foundational skill sets that promote student innovation. As the world continues to embrace STEM education and career pathways the Morristown High School STEM Academy remains on the cutting-edge of this revolution.

The MHS STEM Academy has created a learning experience like no other program in terms of STEM curricula, co-curricular programs, innovation, research, design, professional experiences and mentorship. Students enrolled in the STEM Academy get the best of what MHS has to offer while being fully integrated in STEM Academy programs and initiatives. Students have the opportunity to focus their concentration of curricular studies and experiences in fields such as Research Science, Biomedicine, Engineering, Architecture, Environmental Sustainability and Computer Science.

STEM Academic Pathways

STEM Pathways:






Research Science

Computer Science

Environmental Sustainability

Core Science Courses:

Integrated STEM




Environmental Science

STEM Elective Courses:

Dynamics of Healthcare (Rutgers University)

Anatomy & Physiology (Rutgers University)

Medical Terminology (Rutgers University)



Computer Aided Design

3D CAD & Engineering Design

Principles of Engineering (PLTW)

Aerospace Engineering (PLTW)

Nanoscale Science & Engineering

Systems Technology I: Tech & Design

Systems Technology II: Robotics

Architectural Design

Wood Design

Alternate Energy & Sustainable Design

Marine Biology

Computer Science Essentials

AP Computer Science Principles (PLTW)

AP Computer Science A (PLTW)

Cyber Security (PLTW)

Advanced Placement:

AP Biology

AP Chemistry

AP Physics

AP Psychology

AP Environmental Science

AP Calculus

AP Statistics

Independent Study:

Research Science I

Research Science II

Design Studio

STEM Co-Curricular Programs

MHS STEM Academy Facilities

Design Thinking & Innovation

Design Thinking: The Core of Innovative Learning

“Design thinking is the fundamental process of applying elements from a thinker’s toolkit such as empathy and experimentation to arrive at innovative solutions”

The Morristown High School STEM Academy has begun to dive into the practice of Design Thinking and empathetic problem solving. The Academy has partnered with The Student Global Ambassador Program (SGAP) and Princeton University to host a variety of workshop opportunities for students. The start-up program was facilitated by Princeton’s design thinking and social innovation coach, Rafe Steinhaur, along with student members of the Tiger Challenge group. This event was hosted by the MHS STEM Academy and focused on targeting student stress and anxiety. Students had the opportunity to dive deep into investigative work surrounding design thinking and human-centered design. This SGAP sponsored Think Design event provided a unique, out-of-classroom learning opportunity for students by engaging them in a range of critical thinking and problem-solving activities. The students used innovative and collaborative non-traditional educational strategies to solve empathetic issues. The basis of this particular event was to bring MHS STEM Academy students together with Princeton University’s Tiger Challenge Group to investigate teenage innovation and stress management through the design process.

The Morristown High School STEM Academy continues to partner in efforts

to bring Design Thinking programs and experiences to all Morristown students. These events are a groundbreaking approach to collaboration between MHS, Princeton University, and SGAP that has led to future educational programs. In the upcoming school years more Think Design events have been planned along with a proposed Design Thinking elective courses to be implemented into the MHS curriculum catalog. In the spring of 2017 a large-scale event was hosted at Fairleigh-Dickinson University which focused around world hunger and food waste. Design Thinking programs are now reaching out to not only the STEM and Humanities Academy but all students here at Morristown High School!

Think Design Workshop

Think Design Workshop with the Student Global Ambassador Program, Princeton University's Tiger Challenge and the MHS STEM academy.