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for only $2327 you can have a room at the wonderful fairmont San Francisco hotel for 7 days, and 8 nights.

Need a vehicle to get around? for only $20 well rent you that car you need to get around with.

history of San Fransisco

founded in June 29, 1776 by colonists from Spain who had established a fort at the golden gate. but over time something extraordinary happened and that was the California gold rush. when that came San Francisco grew rapidly making it the biggest city in the west at that time. But unfortunately it was destroyed by an earthquake and fire in 1906. but it was quickly rebuilt and continued to thrive. now San Francisco is a beautiful tourist destination with gorgeous land marks like the golden gate bridge.

about San Francisco

San Francisco is located on the west coast and has a cool climate ranging from 49 - 70 degrees. the warmest time is in the fall. the people in San Francisco mainly speak English.

the currency they use is the U.S. dollar. and the population as of 2013 was 837, 442 and is still rising!

food in San Francisco

the popular food in san francisco is seafood and some of the most common dishes are

  • clam chowder
  • sourdough bread
  • dungeness crab

some restaurants that serve this kind of food are

  • sotto mare
  • swan oyster depot

map of San Francisco

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