Battle of Kings Mountain

American Revolution


Place: South Carolina, United States of America.

Combatants: Tory or loyalist Americans against Whig or patriot American Revolutionaries.

Generals: Major Patrick Ferguson commanded the loyalists. The American force had a number of officers of similar rank: Colonels Shelby, Campbell, McDowell, Sevier, Williams, Lacey, Cleveland, Hambright and Winston.

Fun Fact

Women participated in the battle at Kings Mountain and the Kings Mountain campaign. Two women fought here with Ferguson, one was killed. Also, Mary Patton of Tennessee made the gunpowder used by the Americans.

How was the Battle of the Kings Mountain important to the Revolution?

Many historians consider the Battle of Kings Mountain on October 7, 1780 to be the turning point in America's War for Independence. The victory of rebelling American Patriots over British Loyalist troops completely destroyed the left wing of Cornwallis' army. This decisive battle successfully ended the British invasion into North Carolina and forced Lord Cornwallis to retreat from Charlotte into South Carolina to wait for reinforcements. This triumphant victory of the Overmountain Men allowed General Nathanael Greene the opportunity to reorganize the American Army.