St. Matthew School

January 2022 newsletter

A new year!

Dear St. Matthew families and supporters,

School started back up in January with some spikes in COVID cases across the community. Despite all the health issues, we are doing well keeping our kids in school and learning at a high level. It's been a bit difficult with students being absent, but our teachers are putting in extra effort to keep everyone caught up on their learning. This has not been easy on students and teachers. We are hopeful that things will turn around soon, and we come out the other end stronger.

We are so thankful for everyone's support through all this. You will see below, our students are making great progress in their standardized test scores. We are proud of everyone for working so hard!

With January ending, and February beginning, we are gearing up for our HUGE Mardi Gras celebration, February 26. If you haven't reserved your spot yet, please purchase your tickets here.

Your continued support and prayers are much appreciated.

Angie Palmer


Student of the Month

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Congratulations to Averie Wallace who was selected as January's student of the month! Averie is the sweetest kindergartener who is very helpful to her teacher and classmates. She is a friend to everyone and loves like Jesus!

Classroom Spotlight- Pre-Kindergarten Mrs. White's Class


Spending time with Jesus is always a special time. This month we did a guided meditation talking about Jesus as a baby- imagining us being there at the nativity with the wise men, holding baby Jesus, seeing Mary's smile at her baby, and what gift we would bring.

Students reflected in their notebooks about this and shared their journals with Jesus.

Out With the Old- In With the New

Well, the old beast finally said goodbye. The original boiler from building 1 finally was laid to rest. The new unit was installed January 14-18 by Mechanical Systems. While the crew was getting this installed, our 6-8 graders learned remotely from home. Our 5th graders spent time learning in the church's family room!

The old one gave a valiant effort. Mr. Brian is excited to not have to worry about the heat function in building 1, and we are happy for the peace of mind that the heat will be on during these cold months. It's the simple things in life that can bring comfort. Thank you Jeff Barnes and Mechanical Systems for your help!

Welcome Back!

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Mrs. Rausch is back teaching PE at St. Matthew. We are so glad she was able to help us out until we can find a permanent replacement for our former teacher. Who knows- maybe she'll be here all year! Glad to have you back!

Happy Birthday Mr. Brian

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Mr. Brian was a good sport when he saw the whole school dressed in black for his birthday. He got cards from the students, a gift from the PTO, the staff had a potluck lunch for him, and he even got sung to! Thank you Mr. Brian for all you do for us at St. Matthew! We hope your day was special.

STAR testing

Students took their second trimester test for Reading and Math.

The graphs above show the growth from the fall until now. We are tracking how many of our students are performing at or above grade level. Our goal is that 80% of our students should be at or above grade level by the end of the year. We are making great progress toward that goal.

Thank you to everyone who is reading at home and encouraging reading in their spare time. It makes a HUGE difference!

Teachers Practicing Teamwork

Even our teachers practice working together. During our January teacher inservice, the teachers were challenged to create the tallest structure using spaghetti noodles and one yard of tape. It required some engineering skills, teamwork and patience. The winning team was Mrs. Wilder, Ms. Harper, and Ms. Parr!

We are lucky to have such great teachers who work as a unit to support all our students!

Mardi Gras

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We had our first auction item go live for Mardi Gras- a reserved table for our Catholic Schools Week picnic lunch!

Our picnic lunch will be held in the gym for school families on Feb. 1. Picnic lunches and blankets will be brought in to enjoy lunch with our students.

The highest bidders got their own table and chairs AND a special dessert made by our school principal!

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