Psychology - Welcome Class!

Instructor: Dr. Pamela Parker

Psychology - Text - Rathus, S. A., Psych, 4th edition

Welcome to your PSYC Psychology Online course. As your co-instructor, I will be assisting you throughout the course. I am excited that we will be exploring the topics as outlined in the tracking calendar for the next 7.5 weeks!

Please make sure you review both the course syllabus and the supplemental course syllabus to ensure you understand the late policy, course outcomes, required media, and the list of additional resources required reading. As well, please be sure to review the tracking calendar so you are able to develop a schedule that will ensure you complete all assignments on time.

Office Hours

I will be online every Tuesday evening from 9:00pm to 10:00pm (EST). Let's use Collaborative: Virtual Chat as our primary communication method throughout the course. This tool is located in the course tools in the navigation menu. If you want to set up an appointment outside of office hours, send me an email and be sure to include the requested day, time and appointment method (email; virtual chat). I will do my best to meet your requested appointment time.

My Approach to Teaching

My philosophy of teaching is based on Vygotsky’s philosophy of learning which is founded on the premise that we construct meaning and develop an understanding of the world we live in through an accommodation of making sense of our experiences. Students can expect that I provide a collaborative learning experience, tackling theories of psychology through use of student-centered learning techniques designed to stimulate a student’s ability to become a reflective scholar practitioner who develops his or her scholarly voice being able to document beliefs, values, and approaches through clarity and reflective written and verbal practices of psychology ideologies and real world applications.