The Swift Ones

Marilyn Hosey

About the Book

I started writing The Swift Ones when I was in fifth grade. It's a fantasy story about a thirteen year old girl named Allie Johnson who has incredible powers. When she and her fantastical friends (two wolves, a cat, a phoenix, and a dragon) hear of an unknown threat to the world and an uprising against the hidden magical kingdom, they travel to face the danger themselves. But when trouble strikes, it's up to Allie to hone her newfound powers and challenge the dangerous madman named Kendor.

About the Author

My name is Marilyn Hosey and I wrote The Swift Ones. I'm from Braxton County. I love to read, which is why I began writing in the first place. Before The Swift Ones, I had started many stories but none had called out to me. I loved writing The Swift Ones. It was so much fun. It is available on as an e-book for $2.99. I hope you enjoy reading it! You can follow me on my blog (address below).