My Mom's Wedding

Maura Ballard

"Come on, lets get ready for the wedding!" my mom said. I ran to the closet to fetch my wedding dress and boots. I put on my wedding dress, carefully put on make-up, and curled my hair up in a half up half down. Then I helped Ellie (my little sister) put on her dress.

We all go down stairs ready to head out the door to Mirrors Park Gazebo. I rode with Matt's cousin Betsy (by the way Matt is my stepdad). It was a long car ride, me and katie (my step sister) sang songs and talked to Autumn (my older step sister). I couldn't believe they were going to be my step sisters, and that Matt was going to be my step dad. Then the car stopped, " Were here", said Besty.

We get out of the car and my mom, Matt, Joe(my brother), and Ellie pull up next to us. "Mirrer's Park Gizibo" was amazing! The grass was green and neatly mowed. The lake behind the gizibo was shimmering, and the gizibo looked freshly painted white along with the chairs that were lined up on each side of the aisle. It was so amazing, so colorful, bright, and buetiful.

Then other people started showing up, we welcomed everyone to the wedding. I helped my mom separate flowers into little baggies for after the wedding, so when my mom and Matt go down the aisle we can throw flower petals at them. Mom told us the plan, and of course we have to follow directions. Then Autumn walked down the aisle, right behind her was me! It felt weird, because the photographer was taking so many pictures of me as I walked. Joe, Ellie, Katie, And my mom walked down behind me.

Mom and Matt said there vowels and went back down the aisle, people started tossing flowers in the air, it went everywhere. After the wedding we went to the reception (Hanks) we got drinks, and ate barbeque, and wedding cake! It changed me, because I have brought another family into my life.

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