Applied Physics

By David Moreno

What I have learned in this module

I learned what applied physics means and how it could be used in different materials and how it is used


Session 2- I learned to define the relationships between frequency, Pitch, Amplitude, and loudness. Then experimented on the oscilloscope with different sound waves. Then we listed the steps needed for us to hear sound.

Session 3- We learned the meaning of hypothesis and how we should use it. A hypothesis is an estimate of what you think might happen after you do or add something to an object. Then it told us to create a lab, we had to make a hypothesis of what we thought might happen.

Session 4- In this session i learned what the difference is between an insulator and conductor. We also listed the steps of the scientific method. Then made a lab that would determine if that certain object was a conductor or insulator.

Session 5- We explained how tinting sunglasses would make them filter light. Then discovered how light waves travel. Then we experimented with different color filters and determined which would block the most and least amount of light.

Session 6- In session 6 I used a laser to create a beam of light through a mirror and a piece of transparent plastic to make a rainbow. We also described the characteristics of laser light that make it different from ordinary light. Laser means Light, Amplification, of, Stimulated, Emission, of, Radiation (L,A,S,E,R).Then we experimented with a laser light on the target.

Our source was pitsco.

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