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Kelly Short

French Cuisine

French cooking may seem very complex and in some recipes it can be, but majority of the dishes are fun and easy to make. Throughout France there are many different ways of cooking things just like in America where there is southern and northern cooking, both may use the same ingredients but will taste completely different. Important ingredients in French cooking would be butter, oil, and garlic. They seem to be brace than most Americans since they eat things like Rabbit, snails, and meat spreads (pate) regularly. In France there is a wide variety of restaurants such as Cafés, Bistros, High end, and creperies, all serving a wide variety of foods.


Croque-Monsieur: grilled ham and cheese sandwich with mustard

sandwich au jambon: ham sandwich

sandwich au fromage: cheese sandwich

sandwich au dinde: Turkey Sandwich

sandwich au lard: bacon sandwich


crepe au chocolat: crepe with chocolate

crepe au poulet ou porc: crepe with chicken or pork

crepe au oeufs et fromage: crepe with eggs and cheese

crepe au confiture: crepe with jelly

crepe au banane et pêche, et framboise: crepe with bananas, peaches, et raspberry


un café: coffee

l'eau: water

l'eau gazeuse: water with gas

un chocolat: hot chocolate

un citron pressé: fresh squeezed lemonade

un espresso: espresso


Mousseline au Chocolat: chocolate mousse

une glace au chocolat, et vanille: Chocolate or Vanilla Ice cream

un gateau au chocolat: chocolate cake

un yaourt aussi framboises ou fraise: yogurt with raspberries or strawberries

Creme Brûlée: desert topped with custard and canalized sugar

Tartelettes aux framboises: raspberry pie


omelette au tomato: Omelette with tomatoes

omelette au oeufs et saucisson: Omelette with eggs and sausage

omelette au fromage et salsa: Omelette with cheese and salsa