Art of a previous century

Presenting: Paintings and statues


This is a new museum in Mankato, Minnesota. It is showcasing the artwork of Italian artists during the renaissance period. The three main subjects in this museum is the painting called The Last Supper,the sculpture of Hercules and centaur Nessus and finally how artists discovered the perspective point. Please come and enjoy learning new things while viewing artwork that have taught the world many things.

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Presenting the three main attractions

The Last Supper

The last supper was painted by Leonardo da Vinci. It was created from 1495-1498. It is a very famous painting, and also one of the most debated over. This is a mural located in Santa Maria Grazie, Milan. This is how Leonardo depicted the supper of Jesus and his disciples looked when Jesus announced that one of them would betray him. I hope you enjoy looking at a very famous work of art!

Hercules and centaur Nessus

This is a sculpture that was done by Giambologna. Giambologna was influenced by Michelangelo. This is based on Greek mythology where as shown in the sculpture Hercules is shown killing Nessus. This sculpture was made in 1599 which was not even ten years before Giambologna's death.

Perspective Point

Perspective point was something established during the renaissance time period. It is where everything is drawn relative to a point. Which means if you are looking at a picture the objects in the distance get smaller as they get closer to the point its self. This was a key discovery in art and has been used ever since.