Ms. Kruse's Class News

October 26, 2015

News from the Teacher

Happy Monday!

I hope you all had a 4-day weekend!

This week we will have a spelling, vocab, and reading test. This week is also our Halloween party! Details are below. If you signed up to bring something, please send it with your child Friday morning!

Also, starting this weekend each child will be getting a weekend to bring our classroom friend, Beasley the Bunny, home! He is a stuffed rabbit that will come home for the weekend with his weekend bag. He will also have a journal. Your child will get him for one weekend, and he will return to school with your child and all his belongings the next school day (which is Monday most of the time). Your child will be journaling about Beasley's adventures during his stay with your family. Pictures can be included in the journal as well! It is meant to be a fun writing opportunity for your child, that also allows a lot of creativity and fun! Beasley will be taken home by me during the week so he can be washed and ready to go home with the next family. Please be sure that he is being taken care of and respected. Have fun!

Also, there will be a hard copy of the newsletter sent home each week starting today.

Have a great week!

Ms. Kruse


1. Review the spelling words and vocabulary words at home with your child each night!

2. Please turn in your child's reading calendar by the end of the week.

Vocabulary Words & Definitions

1. Settlers: people that look for new places to live

2. Drowsy: sleepy

3. Orchard: a piece of land with fruit plants

4. Frontier: land that has not been explored yet

5. Bough: main branch of a tree

Spelling Words

1. something

2. mark

3. friend

4. those

5. pretty

Spelling Patterns: ir, ike, ies

Examples: sir, fir; pike, bike; pies, skies

Halloween Party Details

This Friday is our Halloween party. Please send your child's costume with them to school, as well as any treats you signed up to bring for the class. If you did not sign up to bring something, please do not send anything with your child.

The Halloween party will start at 2:00. Anyone is welcome to come help. Just send me an email to let me know you will be there.

The Halloween parade will start at 2:30. You will take a seat in the pod of your child's classroom, and remain there the whole parade. Every student will be walking through every classroom, so you will get to see all the costumes!

Below are the people who signed up to bring treats (we have 20 students in class):

Cheese and Crackers - Aven

Chips/Pretzels/Popcorn/Trail Mix - Aysha

Cookies or Cupcakes - Devin

Vegetables and Dip - Floyd

Juice - Danielle

Napkins and Paper Plates - Lucian

Star of the Week