Third Grade Newsletter

May 9th-13th

STAAR Reminders

Monday and Tuesday (9th and 10th) are STAAR testing days.

-No visitors will be allowed on campus on either day,

-Please make sure your learner gets plenty of rest and a hearty breakfast! They've worked so hard this year and we know they'll do great!!


All of the prototypes are wonderful and the kids are excited to get started making their products for sale!

Things we need your help with:

1. If you have not already done so, please make sure that your learner has all materials they need to make their products at school.

2. These items must fit in their own container which is kept in the classroom.

3. A receipt must be turned into your learner's teacher of all items bought.

English Language Arts

We are reading for pleasure this week and in preparation for fourth grade we will be writing about our reading by going through the writing process.


We are continuing our study of the life cycle by investigating, observing, and comparing the life cycles of plants and animals such as pinto beans, frogs, and lady bugs.

We had a BLAST at Coppell Nature Park!

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Dates to Remember

5/13 All library books due

5/17 Family Bingo Night

5/20 Field Day

5/20 & 3/21 Annie Musical

5/24 & 3/25 Economics Fair in Cafe 1:00- 2:55

5/30 Memorial Day (no school)

5/31 Talent Show at CMSW