What are they

What Do We See Drugs As?

When you say the word drug to a person, they immediately think of narcotics. Meth, Marijuana, heroine, magic mushroom, I could go on forever. But not every one thinks about drugs that help.

But What Types Of drugs Are There?


Stimulants Are a type of Narcotic. When taken, a person will feel a sudden relief in everything (Getting High). However, if abused, this will cause symptoms like elevated alertness, elevated mood, wakefulness, increased speech and decrease in appetite.


Hallucinogens are another type of drug. This is a very dangerous type of narcotic that causes hallucinations. This will make the person see, hear and feel things that are not real. This can influence a person do terrible things or be in a state of fantasy.


Depressants is what people take when depressed. When a person consumes the drug, it goes into the blood stream and goes to the brain. Once the depressant gets to the brain, it makes your entire nervous system slow there for making your reaction to things a lot slower.

Yet There Are Legal drugs that help

People always think of the bad stuff but never the good. Why is that? Well i guess it's all on the news about smuggling and abusing narcotics. So Why don't we talk about them now?

Prescription Drugs

Prescription drugs are legal and available to the public. However it must be prescribed to you by a doctor in order to obtain the drug. Doctors will give this medicine/drug to you when you need it the most.

Over The Counter Drugs

Over the counter drugs are also legal and can be found in every pharmacy this allows you to see all the drugs and how it works. All you need to do is purchase said drug and you get to obtain it.

By: Caden Chan