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School Counseling Department

Distance Learning Information

Hello! We hope that you are feeling well and safe at home during this time. We recognize that this school closure is new for many students and may cause stress and anxiety. The school counseling team has put together some resources to help you while at home.

Optional School Counseling Lessons

We have created many fun lessons and activities to support the students knowledge and skills.

There will be a different topic presented each week. Although the lessons have been divided for grade levels K-2 and 3-5, some of the lessons may be utilized for grades K-5.

Some topics included will be coping skills, conflict resolution, safety skills, internet safety, and middle school/grade level transitions.

You may access the lessons from the Mullen Elementary website in the "About Us" section under "School Counselors" .

You can also follow this link:

Resources for Parents During School Closure

Concern about coronavirus can make both children and families anxious. It is important that we communicate to our students the facts about the virus in an age-appropriate way and reassure them that they are safe at home.

This disruption to routine and the overwhelming level of information about COVID-19 can result in students feeling stressed and anxious. It is important to give your student a sense of control by including them in positive meaning-making about the situation and brainstorming ways they can spend this time in a positive and productive way. Encouraging your student to find ways of helping others during this time can frame this time of uncertainty as a time of growth.

The PWCS office of student services has put together a list of resources for family support. The following link will take you to the newsletter:

How to Contact Your School Counselors

If you have any questions or just want to email and say "hi" we would love to hear from you.

The school counselors will be checking emails regularly during school hours 8:30-4:00, in addition we have specific office hours Mondays from 10:00-11:00 .

If your child would like to speak with a school counselor please email and let us know and we will contact you. Please note that there should always be a parent/guardian present during the conversations.

Grade levels K-2: Ingrid Sannes,

Grade levels 3-5: Rebecca Cottle,