The Gingerbread People

By Mia and Nikolas

The Gingerbread Pirates

Captain Cookie wanted to know what Christmas was really about.
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The Gingerbread Man

An old woman made a Gingerbread man he ran away.
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The Gingerbread man and gingerbread pirate both didn't want to get eaten.

They both were made out of gingerbread.

They can both move.


Ones a pirate ones a man.

The Gingerbread pirate doesn't get eaten, and the Gingerbread man does eat get eaten.

One gets out of the house, one stays in the house.

The Gingerbread man is better

Nik likes the part when the fox tricks the gingerbread man.

Mia likes how the Gingerbread man runs away and won't stop.