5th Grade 101

Mrs. Harris' Class Newsletter Wee k of 9/7/15

What we did this week

Science: We learned about ecosystems. We studied food webs, food chains, the transfer of energy, and interdependence among organisms. My personal favorite activities this week were the food chain that we made as a class and Friday's Vermicomposting lab. I hope students felt as excited about this week's activities as I did!

Math: We learned about Place Value of decimals and related decimals to fractions. I was really impressed with how much the students already knew! They did a GREAT job understanding the concepts. Several graded assignments were taken this week.

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What we are doing next week

Science: We will continue discussing ecosystems with an emphasis on interactions, including living and non-living. We will complete our first Gizmo of the year.

Math: We will continue with decimals and fractions by rounding, comparing, and ordering them. Our first District checkpoint quiz will be Friday over everything that we have learned so far. Students should have recorded it in their agenda, and they have some great notes in their journals to study if they choose to do so.

I will introduce the Flipped Classroom model next week by showing students a lesson and teach them how to pause the video and take quality notes. We will start the Flipped Classroom model as homework beginning the week of the 14th. I really think students will like it and respond positively to it.

Up Coming Events

September 11th: Math District Checkpoint quiz

September 21st: Curriculum Night 5:30-7:30 (2 shifts)

September 25th: 5th grade Garden Day


Dress code: Please make sure that shorts and skirts are mid-thigh length. The shorts/skirts need to touch the finger tips when arms are at your side.

Supplies: Please make sure that students have scissors, glue, colors, and journals daily.


Thank you all so much for the amazing class supplies from the wish list! We will be able to have all kinds of fun with the sand timers and stopwatches. I also appreciate the Magic Erasers. We use them for erasing the tables when we write on them with dry-erase markers. Students clean tables with Lysol wipes everyday, so we can always use more of those! Thank you in advance!


Science: Complete 5 questions per day from the homework book that was passed out Friday. Please make sure to show strategies, which are described on the 1st page of the homework book. We will discuss each set of problems daily Tuesday-Friday.

Math: Complete DMH Week 3. We will discuss it daily Tuesday-Friday.