The Endangered Animals in the world

By Lilliana Rogel . C & Mariana Olmos .I

The reason of Extinction

The Study of nature suggest that without some form of radical change at least 25% of the land animals will become Extinct within the next 50 years and it become recently a realization what would happen to the Ecosystems if they dispensary

the International Union of Conservation of Nature (IUCN) calculated that at least 40% of animals and plants in land will become extinct with things we created

Pollution & Habitat loss

Human have destroyed at least half of the rain forest and the remaining are shrinking fast since animals have to have food, space and water to reproduce but due to the habitat loss wildlife is at threat today

pollution is making it worse of the oil, gas and human waste that can harm any environment quickly. Animals that live in the Sea,Rivers and Lakes are really sensitive to the pollution

Introduced species and Global Warming

Introduced Species that not belong before might cause itself and the new ecosystem a bad thing which often suffers, native animals cant compete with introduced species and often become Extinct of the Food Chain

Global warming is also a big threat to wildlife for sea becoming warmer and coral reefs begin to die and makes animals Extinct since a coral reef is a safe place to some animals that might cause them harm too

Farms with Hunting & Poaching

While we do food for the environment it might be harmful and cause pollution also making habitat loss by taking the habitats to grow our cattle and gazed crops

Poaching is when an animal is killed illegally for it fur, horns or meat. Animals with pretty fur like the cheetah are often killed for it or like elephants for their horns.

Human when hunting animals in the extinct list will over do it and cause the species to extinction.

The Answer to our Prayers

  • Reduce the amount of things we use
  • Make more laws you and Citizen can follow
  • use less Oil and Gas
  • not killing Animals that need to reproduce at some time(15 year) for only a limited small time

Benefits for the School and Us Students

  • Get in the Bus and start being less lazy on the last Six weeks of school
  • Ignore any kind of animal that may not seem pretty since it has a special role
  • How about give yourself Five to Five minutes outside Facebook and find something about theses problems, huh?