North vs. South

The Great Civil War


North- Abraham Lincoln was the president of the North during the Civil War.

South- In 1861 Jefferson Davis was elected the president of the South for the Civil War.
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This is Abe Lincoln

Military Leaders

North- Ulysses S. Grant was the military leader for the North

South- Robert E. Lee was the military leader for the south

Causes of why the Civil War happened

Reasons why the civil war happened is because of their differences.
1. They had different economical views and cultural differences-south believed farming and agriculture and the north believed in factories and industries
2. The south wanted states rights(more power to the states) and the north wanted federal rights(more power to the national government.)
3. They had different opinions on slavery. Most northerners opposed slavery and most southern people wanted slavery.
4. The North wanted high tax on foreign goods and the southern people wanted the opposite

Advantages for each side during the civil war

North- The North outnumbered the South in military people, which can be very helpful. They had more wealth so they could afford more weapons. They controlled shipping so maybe they would use that against the south. They also had more industrial power.

South- They South had outstanding generals and they were experienced in the military because of the Revolution that had previously happened. Their military men were very skilled too. They had a strong tradition and was very motivated to win. They also could trade their cotton for weapons.

Disadvantages for each side

North- The north had many disadvantages. They had weak motivation, unlike the south who had a strong motivation. They were far from home so they couldn't see their families either. They had a lot of coast line and land to defend.

South- The South had paper money which was low on value, so it would be hard to buy supplies. They had less soldiers than the North so it could be hard to defend since the North had more men. They were also under the command of Jefferson Davis.

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General Information

North- Population is 22 million people in 23 states. Army 2.1 million soldies fighting and 178,000 are blacks wh fought and 30.000 came from the South.

South- The population is 9 million people out of 11 states and out of thouse people are 3.5million slaves. The army was about 600,000-1.5million people (estimated.)