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November 2021

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Postcard from Fuzzlee

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Fun Facts about Winter Ocean Loons. from Loon Ranger, Lee

  • Wintering area is mostly the ocean of Maine and likely down the New England coast as far as RI.
  • Loons have a unique gland which allows them to adapt to be able to consume saltwater.
  • Winter diet often includes crustaceans. I've seen many pictures of them eating crabs.

Lee Attix

Loon Conservation Associates

18 Merrymeeting Drive

Portland, ME 04103

Dedicated to the protection and welfare of loons and their lakes through collaboration, education, and the implementation of successful conservation actions.

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Furry Fisherman Sighting

Furry Fisherman Sighting
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The Otter

When you plunged

The light of Tuscany wavered

And swung through the pool

From top to bottom.

I loved your wet head and smashing crawl,

Your fine swimmer’s back and shoulders

Surfacing and surfacing again

This year and every year since.

I sat dry-throated on the warm stones.

You were beyond me.

The mellowed clarities, the grape-deep air

Thinned and disappointed.

Thank God for the slow loadening,

When I hold you now

We are close and deep

As the atmosphere on water.

My two hands are plumbed water.

You are my palpable, lithe

Otter of memory

In the pool of the moment,

Turning to swim on your back,

Each silent, thigh-shaking kick

Re-tilting the light,

Heaving the cool at your neck.

And suddenly you’re out,

Back again, intent as ever,

Heavy and frisky in your freshened pelt,

Printing the stone.

Seamus Heaney

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Get Your Dog Licenses Before January 31st to avoid $25 Fine

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Happy 3 Month Birthday, Brooke

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The Cranberry Sorter Circa 1910

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Not too Late to Get Your Local Organic Cranberries at Birch Bog Farm for the holiday

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Photo by Ralph Fletcher

My buddy Ralph takes the most amazing wildlife photos. We will be featuring them each month in the Chronicle. They make wonderful Christmas presents. Email him at for more information. To see more of his amazing work, visit him @ralphoto17 on Instagram.

This great blue heron is one of my favorites. If you look closely your can seek the mud on the heron’s feet.

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Announcing the Lake Keewaydin Drawing Animation Contest

For years people have remarked on the unusual shape of Lake Keewaydin. Is it a dancing frog? An amoeba with an attitude? A snapper giving the thumbs up sign? Here is your chance to create your own Lake Keewaydin creature by printing the image above and adding your own take with pen or pencil. Text final images to 802-345-9193. We will consider them for the Friends of Lake Keewaydin tee shirt. (artisitic talent optional)
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Reishi, Skidder and Baxter

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Text Your Favorite Dog Photos to 802-345-9193

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Local Food Buzz : Kezar Valley Honey

For the best honey head out on West Stoneham road and bear left at the Y onto Slide In road. Look for the honey signs. And Buck not only sells honey—he sells eggs and hives!
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