HSOC Weekly Update

Last update of the 2022 School Year

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Quote for the Week

“When you carry the WEIGHT of yesterday, it will ruin the POWER of today and the PROGRESS of tomorrow.”
-- Tony Evans

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Graduation Meetings- E.O.C. Testing Results

Students / Parents

Any student that is still waiting for his/her results for E.O.C. testing, remember your meeting dates have already been established with Mrs. Cunningham and Dr. Benskin. Your meeting will either be on May 18, 19, 20, or 23 at the time already scheduled by Mrs. Cunningham.

Students DO NOT miss your scheduled graduation meeting. We will review scores and graduate as appropriate and/or have individual graduation committee meetings as needed per SB 149/463.

E.O.C. Results are IN NOW!!!!!

Some meetings may have to be rescheduled due to waiting for ELA (English) scores. If needed Mrs. Cunnigham will call as needed.

Accessing STAAR Results

Available in Family Portal June 16, 2022

Results for the spring STAAR End of Course (EOC) tests have been released. You may access your scholar's online STAAR results by visiting the Texas Assessment website at www.TexasAssessment.com. Log into the system using your child’s unique Portal Access Code and date of birth. The results will inform you if your child met the passing standard on both the reading and math STAAR.

What if I don’t know my scholar's unique access code?

  • If your student has taken a STAAR test previously, and you have a STAAR Confidential Student Report or STAAR report card, the access code is located at the bottom of that report.
  • You may look up the unique access code online.
    • To retrieve this code, go to the link stated above.
    • Click on the “FIND MY ACCESS CODE” link found in the purple box on the Texas Assessment homepage. This will redirect you to the Texas Assessment Data Portal.
    • Complete the student information requested.


All Daytime Activities Are Mandatory - Attendance Will Be Taken Daily - You Must Have Your ID

You do not need to go to A1/B5.



On Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday, check-in starts at 8:25 and no later than 9 am at the PAC.

Teachers will have attendance sheets upfront and you will need to check-in quickly and have a seat.

On Thursday, attendance will be taken at the Adulting 101 Sessions.

On Friday, attendance will be taken at the FAC at Coleman during Graduation Practice.

A permission slip/travel release will be sent to all parents by email tomorrow.

Monday, May 23rd

Field Day @ WHS

We will have an obstacle course, mechanical bull, dunk tank, and water slide set up on the field behind the tennis courts and kickball on the softball field.

Dress accordingly, but keep it appropriate. Athletic shorts and tank tops will be fine. We suggest wearing flip flops or sandals because no shoes can be worn on the equipment, but if you plan to play kickball, bring some sneakers as well.

Bring cash for food trucks which should arrive around 11.

Tuesday, May 24th

Community Service Day

We will depart from the PAC to go to our CS locations. If you drive, that will be permitted, but remember that state law limits the number of passengers that drivers under the age of 18 can transport. Non-driving students will ride the bus.

Community Service will take place at various locations throughout the community and you will sign up for a specific location later this week. Watch for a sign up sheet in Google Classroom or on the English Hallway.

Movie Night at Lumpkins

Movie Night at Lumpkins Stadium is open to Seniors from the class of 2022 only. IDs will be required for entrance and attendance will be taken even though the activity is not required. The movie will start at 8pm.

Wednesday, May 25th

Elementary Walk-Through

We will depart from the PAC to go to our locations and everyone must ride the bus to their assigned elementary. Please wear your graduation cap and gown so the elementary students will see the importance of your visit!

The form linked below will open for you to sign-up for your specific school at 9am on Tuesday, May 17th. You need to sign up before 4pm on Monday, May 23rd.


Senior Parade @ 6:30 pm

Students meet at Cowboy Church to set up starting at 5:30. Decorate your cars and get ready to greet your friends, family, teachers, and community members as we celebrate this enormous accomplishment with you!

Thursday, May 26th

Adulting 101 (Sessions start at 8:35; please be on time!)

People from all over the community are coming out to show you a few things prior to going out into the real world and actually being on your own! We will have sessions covering Money Matters, Getting a Job, Personal Health, College and Beyond, Cooking, Cars, and Miscellaneous Life Hacks. Watch for a sign-up message in Google Classroom later this week. The class sizes are limited, so the sooner you sign up, the more likely that you will get to attend your desired session.

T-Shirt/Yearbook Signing

Remember making t-shirts in kindergarten? Let’s do it one last time. Bring a tshirt and get all of your friends to sign it. You can find one cheap at Hobby Lobby or Walmart and we’ll provide the markers, paints, etc. Bring your yearbook and get those signatures as well.

Friday, May 27th

Graduation Practice

Arrive at Coleman Junior High Fine Arts Center @ 8:30 am. Park in the back parking lot and enter through the back doors of the FAC. Quickly find your seat in the FAC so we can do a run through of the evening ceremony. THIS IS MANDATORY FOR ANY SENIOR WHO IS WALKING.

2021- 2022 Graduation

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Friday, May 27th, 8pm

200 Indian Drive

Waxahachie, TX

Tickets - Several students/parents have asked about tickets for graduation. There are no tickets for graduation - first come, first serve in seating at Lumpkins stadium.

Senior SlideShow - Pictures Due May 16, 2022

Gentle Reminder

It is time to start planning the Senior Slideshow! This is a slideshow that includes all members of the Class of 2022. We would like to include a senior picture and a baby picture. We show this before graduation when everyone is getting seated, and we also put it out on social media! Please email the pictures to whsmedia@stu.wisd.org.

May 16, 2022 -Pictures are due for the slideshow.

High School of Choice

We are an alternative high school, designed to help at-risk students achieve their goals of high school graduation and beyond. HSoC supports students through rigorous, innovative, and engaging learning experiences. Every student will be empowered to fiercely navigate their world with resilience, purpose, courage, humility, and pride.

Academic Performance and Effort

It is an expectation that all High School of Choice (HSoC) students put forth the effort to reach their maximum potential. Academic excellence is achieved by challenging yourself to improve on every assignment or task you encounter.

WISD Vision: Our vision is to be a district where innovation thrives and growth is limitless

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