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3 Year Old Pit/Lab Mix

Otto is big, strong, and sleek as a jungle cat. When you first meet him, he can come off as a tough, stoic dog. Give him a little time to warm up, though, and you'll see his other side - the side that curiously explores new things and places, charms the pants off new human friends with his huge smile, and affectionately follows his people around.

Otto is currently in foster care learning how to be the best he can be in a home. He gets along with the resident dog, is kennel trained and sleeps in it throughout the night and doesn't mind being in it when needed during the day.

He respects the furniture and waits patiently to be told to go outside or eat. He doesn't like anyone messing with his food, but who does?! He's always in the front row to get petted or give you some loving.

Otto is the type of dog who will bond strongly with his owner. He needs someone who will be firm enough to ensure he walks nicely on his leash and continues to use his great manners, but sweet enough to recognize that he's a big teddy bear waiting for his own family to cuddle with. Does that sound like you?

Visit his profile at the Austin Pets Alive! Website:

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Otto was taken off of the euthanasia list, so if you adopt him, you are saving not only him, but also the next dog Austin Pets Alive! can save in his place!

To find out how you can take Otto home with you, reply to this ad and an APA! volunteer will be happy to help you! To meet Otto today, click here to see where he'll be:

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