Cole Bernett


The very first piece of equipment you need to play basketball is a place to play, such as in a gym or a hard surface such as concrete or blacktop. You also need a basketball to play with that is pumped up with air, too much air or not enough won’t make it bounce very well. Another key concept is to have people to play the game. Another requirement of basketball is to know the rules of the game. If you don’t know the rules then you will be hurting your team more than helping them.


You can’t play the game basketball without rules or there would be a lot of injuries. Another rule is to have to have five players or more on a team, you also need a basketball to play with. A big rule in basketball is to not foul the opposite team that you're playing. If you do they get a free throw depending on where you fouled them on the floor. There are also boundaries that you can’t go outside of when you have the ball, and when you have the ball you have to dribble or it’s a travel and then the other team gets the ball.


The game basketball cannot be played without players to play against. There are many different teams to play against and that have to be in your conference. The only possible way to play teams outside your conference is if you go to state.

Level of Competition

The level of Competition has changed drastically over the last 30 years. There are 3 main levels of competition, High school, College, and professionals. The most famous is the Professionals then college then High school because there are so many more people that watch them. You can see College and the Professionals play on TV or go to the game were their playing. High school isn't on TV because it isn't as popular as College or Professionals.


The Staff of high school, College, and Professional basketball is a very important piece of how the game works and how the players play. If there wasn't any staff the basketball players would have to wash their own clothes, and get their own water. They would be so disorganized and have to find rides to the games themselves. The staff also keeps the players and coaching staff safe from outraged fans that either want autographs, pictures, or just to be annoying.