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Staff Newsletter for 2017-2018, Episode 3

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Time to Fly!

Thank you for an amazing October! We celebrated many accomplishments and enjoyed an amazing Western Days and a fun Red Ribbon Week with our students. You all are so team oriented that you come together and carry out anything that is asked of you with excellence. While the quote I chose above speaks to what we wish for our students, it also speaks to who you are as individuals and what you believe about the work that we do. Please take a moment, as I know many of us our tired and worn down, to rest in the fact that you are making a difference in the lives of our East families! Thanksgiving break is just around the corner!

We love you all!

Melissa and Ashley

TEAM EAST -- WE CAUGHT YOU IN ACTION! (Click on a picture to see it up close)

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T-TESS Growth!

Classroom walkthroughs and evaluations are continuing. When you are scheduled for your preconference, please be sure to come prepared to discuss the lesson that will be observed the following week. Once the written observation is complete your scheduled appraiser will schedule a post-observation conference with you.

When walkthroughs are completed you will receive a notification email. At that time, please login to DMAC to review your walkthrough and digitally sign the document. Individual goals will be discussed when summative conferences are held at the end of the year.

We have been looking at walkthrough data from last year compared to this year and have seen notable growth in the following areas.

  • Helping students make connections to previous learning and experiences
  • Communication (Peer-to-Peer and Teacher-to-Student)
  • Adjusting instruction to meet needs of our students
  • Engagement
  • Implementation of behavior system (change from CHAMPS to STARS)

It is exciting to see the areas we've focused on through the T-TESS goals you've set and through campus professional development are truly impacting practice in the classroom!

This data has also allowed us to focus on the areas we need to provide support for.

  • Increasing opportunities for higher order thinking and use of probing questions to help our students go deeper with their understanding.
  • General questioning strategies for supporting student learning.
  • Integration of content when appropriate.

In the spring, we will continue to focus on the areas that we are seeing growth and see how we can build in those areas to address the needs our students have.

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Looking Ahead: November Events

  • November 7th: Janice Baker Training at Training Center
  • November 9th: Turkey Trot
  • November 9th: Christmas Float Planning Meeting (@3:45)
  • November 10th: DEAL Time - Habit #3
  • November 10th: Party Bus
  • November 14th: Lead Meeting
  • November 15th: Thanksgiving Feast for Kindergarten
  • November 16th: Grade 3 Program
  • November 17th: Early Release
  • November 20th - 24th: Thanksgiving Holidays
  • November 29th: RtI Meeting
  • November 30th: Fall Picture Retakes
  • December 1st: Kinder Zoo Trip
  • December 5th: Hallsville Christmas Parade

***Please see campus calendar for additional information and details.
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Have an AMAZING Week!