Hillary Clinton

Speech on how hard-working americans are America's solution

Hillary Clinton: Middle class people struggling with first world problems

Hillary Clinton's speech promises to give Americans a better life by making their middle-class life easier and more comfortable, for her, the problem in America is not the lower class, is the upper class. As a democrat, the idea of the upper class getting richer is absurd and things like; small businesses are the future of America because they would create more jobs, which is what America needs according to her speech. Although she never mentions lower class problems, she treats middle-class as if that was the lower class, quoting "I firmly believe that the best anti-poverty program is a job but that’s hard to say if there aren’t enough jobs for people that were trying to help lift themselves out of poverty." All the references she made are about middle class struggling with first world problems, the examples she gave are about people who have an acceptable lifestyle; a job, a place to live, a decent life (economically), this puts all these people in the middle class, not lower. Her main goal is to build a comfortable lifestyle by creating more jobs for hard-working Americans. She focuses on people's priorities and emphasizes how their lives are going to change and get better once she becomes president. She uses examples of herself stating she was once a middle class person to make people empathize with her and create a connection by giving the people an image of her as one of them, which leads them to trust in her.

Making America's middle-class richer than any other country's middle-class

One of Hillary Clinton's promises is to raise incomes for hard-working Americans, but this means that there are going to be changes in the economy, in order to make middle-class people richer but still middle-class people, the wealthy upper class has to stop earning the amount of money they are earning nowadays. This will lead to a more equal country regarding capital and less differences between classes.