Weekly Announcements

Parashat Ha'Azinu - 13 Tishrei 5777 - October 14-15, 2016

Shabbat Schedule

Candle Lighting - 6:04 pm

Shabbat ends - 7:01 pm

Shacharit - 9:00 am

***New location - The Homework Bar, 131 Montgomery Avenue, Bala Cynwyd. Child care will be provided on the first floor, and davening will take place on the second floor***

This week's dvar Torah will be given by Rabbi Avi Feldblum

In The News...

There will be NO davening on Yom Tov

There WILL BE davening on Shabbat chol hamoed

Thank you to all members who voted in the first round of our name change poll. A new poll with the options that received enough votes to qualify for round two will be sent out to members some time before Sukkot.

Shabbat Shalom and Chag Sameach!

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