Southwest Communicator

"Community of Character"

Shout Outs

  • Thank you Darla for helping to get our driveway fixed! It is REALLY nice not to get splashed anymore! ~Derek, Sarah, Nicole
  • Bob Weber you have been working SO HARD to take care of Southwest's many needs this year! You are appreciated! We have no idea how you manage it all!
  • To our AMAZING Custodial Team-thank you for helping us receive 1st PLACE in the Cleanest Building Contest this quarter and 2nd place overall! And thank you to anyone else who helped these 3 by picking up or cleaning various items to help them!
  • Derek thanks for caring for fish out of water!
  • Thank you Earl (JCAC student) for helping with the broken tank!
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Don't Forget to WASH YOUR HANDS WITH SOAP! Water and soap is always better than hand sanitizer even after recess!

Calendar of Events


Staff Appreciation Week (10:45-1:15 Lunch will be provided and those who eat with their students will be covered by community volunteers)

Rackers & Riley Lounge Clean –Up all Week

Gresham AM Hall/Deschu AM Carline

EER End of 2nd Term

Staff Appreciation Luncheon

12:30-2:30: Messages, Nails, and healthy snacks- Rm 205

Proebsting AM Hall/Gresham AM Carline

Relaxation Break & Pampering

Wilding Transition IEP w/Bechtel & Wilde 11:45

Wilding Transition IEP w/Wilbers

Langston & Wilding Mtg. 1:00

Wilding Transition IEP w/Wilde 3:15


Breakfast in Rm 205 and a special surprise

Langston Mtg with Moon-9:00am

Penserum AM Hall/Eggen AM Carline

Breakfast Treats & Special Gift

Wilding ER w/Wright 11:30

Wilding IEP w/Wilbers 12:00


A note to remember: A personal message from the principal

Chapman AM Hall/Proebsting AM Carline

Wilding IEP w/Wilde 8:30

Wilding Mtg. w/TX’s 12:00

Langston/Wilding East Discussion 12:45, Belair 1:30, Thorpe 2:15, Cedar Hill 2:45


1:00-2:00 Staff BINGO/snacks Rm 205 and the opportunity to WIN a "DATE AND DINNER" night from the Ousleys

Hotz AM Hall/Penserum AM Carline


Wilding IEP w/Huntley 8:00

Wilding IEP w/Huntley 9:00

Wilding IEP w/Wieberg 10:00

Wilding IEP w/Wieberg 11:00

Langston IEP w/Henderson 11:00

Wilding Transition IEP w/Bechtel 12:00

Wilding Transition IEP w/Wilbers 1:00

Wilding Transition IEP w/Daniels 2:00

Wilding Transition IEP w/Bechtel 3:00

Langston IEP w/Martin 3:15

FYI: DUE TO ASBESTOS REMOVAL, the building will not be open to ANYONE MAY 23rd-May30th. Admin and secretaries will be working at another school. Floor waxing dates will be coming soon.

Sometimes this time of year when IEP's are all due, grade cards are due, and children seem to know summer is around the corner, you just need to watch something to make you laugh and smile ....

A Pep Talk from Kid President to You

Changing Positions and Rooms for 2015-2016

  • WIlde's Kindergarten room will move upstairs to room 205
  • Huntley will be moving to Suzy's old classroom and teaching 2 sections of ECSE
  • Jenna will remain in her room. She will be teaching 2 sections of ECSE with intensive services focused on compliance, language development, and social engagement. We will be using Discrete Trial Training (DTT) to develop these skills. In order to provide the level of intense intervention needed for the identified students, there will be significantly lower teacher to student ratio in order to provide these services. Jenna and aides will be receiving additional training to provide these services.
  • Glassner will have a 1/2 day ECSE class in the afternoon and be serving as an iterate teacher in the morning. Until her caseload is full in the morning she will be assisting the evaluation team. Her room will remain the same.