Why you should read: Guts

By Jacob Kintzle

Guts is a good book to read if you like adventures and the outdoors. The author, Gary Paulsen, also wrote Hatchet, Brian's Winter, and Brian's Return. Those three books were based off the author's real life experiences. All of his real experiences are told in this book. Gary starts where he volunteered to answer and help in emergency situations. As the author gets to a house, he tells us about how he tried to help a dying old man and he explains how he had never seen anything like the way that man died. A week after that Gary Paulsen writes about how he had seen the aftermath of a plane crash southeast of Denver, Colorado where the rocky mountains were. Everything was destroyed and the only thing that they could recognise was the engine of the plane. Everything has been torn into bits, and all the passengers went missing. This book was mainly told in chronological order. Gary starts where he is telling stories of him in his town, then tells us about when he was out in the wilderness hunting and getting attacked by a moose and how he was unprepared to deal with one. Afterward he explains the differences between horseflies, black flies, and deer flies. Horseflies bite and take little chinks of flesh, Deer flies eat meat, black flies which bite and take blood, and he even explains how he got attacked by millions of mosquitos, choking him and biting him everywhere they could. The end of the book Gary shows us how to make a pot or a bowl out of wood, he shows us how to boil water without a stove, and shows us multiple methods of cooking like plank cooking where you put a piece of meat on a plank, and put the plank on a rock facing the heat. He shows us how to spit cook where you create a fire pit and constantly rotate the meat. and showed us how to pit cook where you dig a pit larger than whatever you want to cook, fill with rocks, then start a fire. After that you wrap the item in grass and leaves to prevent it from burning and drying out.
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