Crockett Early Education School

October Parent Newsletter

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Content Areas


·Uppercase and lowercase letters/letter sounds

-Spanish Language Arts Letter Focus: M, P, S

-English Language Arts Letter Focus: T, O, D

· Identify features of print (punctuation, case)

· Separate sentences into words

· Retell/Re-Enact Story

· Ask/Respond to Questions About Story

· Rhyming

· Use information from books to describe, relate, categorize, or compare and contrast


· Rote counting

· One-to-One Correspondence

· Ordinal Numbers (1st, 2nd, 3rd)

· Subitizing (1-3)

· Number recognition (1-3)

· Shapes (name and create)

· Slide, Flip, Turn Shapes

Social Emotional Learning:

· Using verbal and nonverbal communication skills to build relationships with teachers and adults.

· Identifying basic emotions/feelings

· Regulate own behavior with occasional reminders

· Initiate problem-solving strategies

Social Studies:

· Texas flag

· Pledge of Allegiance/Moment of Silence

· Voting for Group Decision-Making

· Similarities/Differences between Classmates (characteristics and cultural influences)


· Properties of Common Objects (Magnets)

· Use Simple Measuring Devices to Learn about Objects (heavy/light)

· Position and Motion of Objects

Specials Corner

Note from your Specials Team:

We are very excited to announce that at the end of October we will have our first "Night of Specials". Each group or hall will have its own night of presentation this year. We will start with the red hall classes, which include the following classes: Perry, Gonzalez, Och, Velásquez and Murray. Details about this performance will come home in your child's folder. We are eager to show off your children and everything they are learning in the Specials Classes! Below are some of the special things your child will learn in specials classes during the month of October
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Exciting things are happening in Art this October! We will continue our study of lines. Seymore, a great big snake that likes to stretch and curve, will be visiting us to continue to teach the class about vertical, horizontal, diagonal, spiral, curve, and zig-zag lines. We will practice drawing, painting, cutting, and sculpting different types of line in this fun exploration of art.

-Mrs. Lovelace

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In PE this month, we will be learning underhand and overhand throwing and catching. We will use different objects and balls to catch and throw.

We will also be learning a dance or two to help build directional orientation and body awareness.

-Coach Tran

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In music we will continue working on steady beat during the month of October. We will explore how to maintain a steady beat on our head, shoulders, hands, knees and with our feet. Children will begin to play instruments and learn to maintain a steady beat with rhythm sticks. We will also have a class evaluation on how well we can maintain a steady beat.

-Mrs. Mauldin

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Important Dates in October-

  • 10/1: Make Someone’s day Monday- Can you go out of your way to do makes someone’s day extra special?
  • 10/2: Share Your Things Tuesday–during play time or dinner time, encourage your child to share their things with others
  • 10/2: All Pro Dad's Club Morning Greeters on Campus
  • 10/3: Wow with a Compliment Wednesday–say something motivating/nice to someone, sweet words can go a long way!
  • 10/4: Fall Picture Day
  • 10/4: Thoroughly Good Manners Thursday–use your good manners, such as, “please” and “thank you”
  • 10/5: United as Friends Fridaywear orange! In celebration of National Bullying Prevention Month, we stand united for kindness, acceptance and inclusion. Families please join us by wearing orange too
  • 10/8: No School
  • 10/10: PACT Meeting (Parent and Child Time Together) : "Mindfulness, Improve your Child's Emotional, Social and Physical Health" (8:20-9:30a)
  • 10/12: Hispanic Heritage Month Student Dress-Up Day
  • 10/15-10/17: Quarter 1 Assessments
  • 10/16: Parent Computer Class (8:30-9:30a)
  • 10:18: Chuck-e-Cheese Fundrasing Night (3:00-9:00p)
  • 10/19: End of Quarter 1
  • 10/22: First Day of Quarter 2
  • 10/22: Miles for Smiles Campaign Begins
  • 10/22-10/26: Red Ribbon Week:
  • 10/22: Wear Red
  • 10/23: Wear Shades of Neon
  • 10:24: Crazy Sock & Hair Day
  • 10/25: Wear Your Favorite Team Jersey
  • 10/26: Character Dress-Up Day
  • 10/23: Parent Computer Class (8:30-9:30a)
  • 10/24: PACT Meeting: "Ready, Set, Learn! Transition to School" (8:30-9:30a)
  • 10/25: Crockett Fitness Club (8:10-9:00a)
  • 10/26: All Pro Dad's Club Morning Greeters on Campus: "Let's Team Up Against Drugs"
  • 10/26: PreK 3 Birthday Celebration (1:45-2:15p)
  • 10/30: Parent Computer Class (8:30-9:30a)

Health Spot

I need to stay home if...

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Reminders from your nurse

  • · Flu season is near, please make all preparations to keep your student and family safe.

    · Please check your student daily for lice or nits.

    · Student must be 24 hrs. fever free without medicine before returning to school.

    · Please send all students at least 2 changes of clothes in their back pack.

    · Please submit all medications to the nurse with the appropriate documentation, do not send medication in back pack for student safety.

    · For all students with pending Immunizations, here is the date for the next Dallas care van:
    10-02-18 Tues Grand Prairie 1 st UMC, 121 N. Center St., 75150 5:00pm-7:00pm

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Counselor's Corner

Kindess Week 2018


October is Bullying Prevention Month. Join us as we celebrate a Week of Kindness, October 1- October 5. Parents we would like your help in encouraging your student to be kind each day, by following along with the theme days listed below. No act of kindness is too small, and no child is too small to give and receive kindness.

Make Someone’s day Monday – can you go out of your way to do makes someone’s day extra special.

Share Your Things Tuesday – during play time or dinner time, encourage them to share their things with others

Wow with a Compliment Wednesday – say something motivating/nice to someone, sweet words can go a long way!

Thoroughly Good Manners Thursday – use your good manners, such as, “please” and “thank you”

United as Friends Friday – wear orange. In celebration of National Bullying Prevention Month, we stand united for kindness, acceptance and inclusion. Families please join us by wearing orange too.

Red Ribbon Week

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Themed Dress-Up Days:

  • 10/22 Monday: Wear Red
  • 10/23 Tuesday: Wear Shades of Neon
  • 10/24 Wednesday: Crazy Sock & Hair Day
  • 10/25 Thursday: Wear Your Favorite Team Jersey
  • 10/26 Friday: Character Dress-Up Day


Our attendance average for the month of September was 93.02%.

Our Campus Goal is to have 98% of our students present every day. Please help us by ensuring your child is here each day, on time and remains at school for the duration of the school day.

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Crockett Celebrations

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Congratulations to our September Staff Member of the Month, Mrs. Torres! She is such a strong teacher and handles challenges very well. She has a lot on her plate with grad school and teaching but is still willing to help out her colleagues and is still so patient and loving with her students. ❤ She always has a smile on her face and works really hard to make sure that her students learn!


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A big thank you to our parents for your continued support and patience during our dismissal process. It is because of your cooperation and collaboration that we are able to get our students to their loved ones in a quick and efficient manor. We appreciate all of your welcomed feedback and diligence as we continue to improve!

Save the date

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Don't forget that it's never too early to start thinking about your child's educational future. Save the date for our GPISD Experience where you'll have the opporutnity to explore different options for Kindergarten! Can't wait to see you there!