The Progressive Era

Guadalupe Castro

Who were the progressives?

The progressives were groups of reformers who wanted to either improve work conditions,the right for women and children,economic issues,environment issues and social welfare.

What were their motives?

There motives were to

  • protect social welfare
  • promote moral development
  • create economic reform
  • foster efficiency

Government reform

States: Secret Ballot- Privacy at the ballot box which ensured that citizens can cast votes without party bosses knowing how they voted.

Federal: Pure food and drug act- Required companies to put labels of the ingrediants used on the processed food items


  1. Womens suffrage

women wanted the right to vote

Key Players:

  • Susan B Anthony: President of the National American women suffrage Association
  • Elizabeth Cady Stanton:Leader of the women suffrage movement

Key Events:

1.seneca falls was the location of the first women's rights conservation

2.The National Association of Colored women was founded

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Societal Reform

  • Womens right to vote
women were beginning to work so they strove to improve conditions at work and at home.

  • they had three things in mind to win the vote
  1. convince state legislatures to adopt vote and at that time only Wyoming,Utah,Colorado ,and Idaho allowed women to vote
  2. Pursue court case to test the 14th amendment
  3. Push for a National constitution amendment.

Big Business Regulations

  • Robert La Follette, Wisconsin led the way to regulate big businesses.
  • Worked on ending child labor
-Children were prone to accidents

-almost every state limited/banned child labor (1918)

  • Reduce women's work hours.
  • succeeded in workers compensation to aid families of injured workers

The Progressive Amendments

  • 16th amendment:gave congress the power to tax income
  • 17th amendment:provides the election of u.s. senators by the people rather than by state legislation
  • 18th amendment: prohibited making, selling,and transporting alcohol
  • 19th amendment:gave women the right to vote

Were all of these ideas new? or were they ideas carried over from earlier eras?

Not all ideas were some were carried on. An example would be the Pure food and drug act, they decided to apply it due to the ingredients not being placed and the consequences being faced. Others were passed on such as the women wanting the right to vote. That act was always in there mind.