Information Privacy

Keep your private information safe online.

Do not share....

1. Your address.

2. Your Social Security number.

3. Your full name.

4. Your password(s).

And any private information.

People everywhere need to remember....

Anything you put online is shared with the world even if you only share it with friends.

Let's use Facebook as an example.

On Facebook, you have the option of selecting to share with friends, friends of friends, friends and network, or everyone but, does it really matter what you choose. Lets say that you choose to share with friends only. You then post the picture, videos, or what you typed and one of your friends like it. What your friend just liked then is shone to his or her friends then, they like it and it is shone to their friends. It's a continuous cycle that people don't think about.

Think before you post about you moving or other information because, your friends aren't the only one's who see it.

Internet Safety: Keep Everything Private