Super Science Elementary School

5th Grade EOG Science Updates


SSES EXCEEDED the state scale score mean by almost 1 point!!!

State Mean=250.6

SSES Mean=251.7

Other areas to celebrate:

  • Earth Science (above state mean)
  • Life Science (Living Organisms and Ecosystems)

Areas for growth:

  • Physical Science (below state mean by 4 points)
  • Life Science (Evolution and Genetics...below state mean by almost 7 points)

Ideas, Recommendations, Questions:

  • Examine our pacing guides..since all strands are almost equally assessed on EOG, Are the strands equally and adequately distributed? Is there equity in the amount of time we spend on these areas?
  • Look at our we have the necessary resources for these strands? If not, can we leverage Priority School funding to purchase the needed resources?
  • Conduct instructional inventory: What does science instruction look like in our classes? Is it hands-on, technology-rich, integrated and rigorous? What specifically does instruction look like in the areas of identified need?
  • Professional Development: Do we have adequate content knowledge on these particular strands? If not, let's make that happen,
  • Can we create a SIP goal that focuses on a school wide movement toward increasing K-5 rigor and attention to these identified areas? Can we have "School Science Festival Days" that include hands-on, experiential activities that not only support fifth graders, but the entire school?
  • Community resources: Are there community resources that could help us? (Force and Motion-NASCAR, aviation, etc., Genetics-Hospitals, agriculture, etc.) Discovery Place and the Catawba Science Center are two resources we could leverage.
  • Do we have access to afterschool programming as a Priority School? Could we utilize/purchase some resources to be used in the afterschool setting?
  • Parent Science Nights-Host nights with hands-on activities for all grade levels. For 5th grade, target activities toward specific areas of need.