Is the internet a safe place?

Are you keeping your kids safe?

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It's a good resource.

Yes, the internet is a good place to get some good information for projects, crafts and other hobbies people do Usually our first instinct is to use Google, Bing, or any other search engine available to us, or we could go straight to YouTube. The internet has a lot of sources so many sources that Google loads 1,690,000,000 results for the work 'Safety' in .37 seconds.

Social Media.

As you may know that there are numerous social networking websites that your children can access with a push of a button. If your child has an E-Mail they're 1/2 way there, all they need to do is have a fake birthday and they're transported to another world, with adult content, vulgar language, sexual predators, and cyber bullies.

What to do if your child has social media.

If you're okay with the fact of your child having social media you might want to check in with a couple of settings to change.

You might want to restrict the following on your child's account.
Strangers seeing: City, State, Postal Code.
Strangers seeing: Friends and photos.

If you want to go as far as putting the computer in the main room so you can see what they're doing, or set parental controls to block certain websites (i.e. Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, MySpace). You can also set time restrictions on their computer using special programs and routers.

If they're not of age it's recommended to deactivate the account until they are of said age of the websites requirements or until you feel they're mature enough to have an account.

Who's on social media?

Social media is essentially a melting pot of all races, ages, and religions. Something you may not have known is that 59% of children sign up for social media before the age for 10, and 26% of children hijacked other people's accounts without permission. Had it fallen into the wrong hands someone could have leaked their personal information and done wrong with it.