The High Five

By Emile urfACE

Change is Constant

Things change in our life, and we need to accommodate for those changes. For example; every school year we are (almost always) are a grade higher than the last year, meaning that we have more responsibility then the previous year and more/harder work.
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Learning is Lifelong

Since the world is always changing, and new technology and discoveries are happening every day, we need to learn how to use those technologies and discoveries, and use them to our advantage.
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Focus on the Journey

Going trough life is like a road trip. Maping out the trip helps you get to the destination, however if you are too focused on the drive and the speed you could miss out on nice people you could meet, the beautiful scenery, and the oportunity to do great things.
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Follow Your Heart

Knowing you can do things, and believing in yourself, helps you have the confidence to follow your heart and fulfill your dreams. Picturing how your life will go gives you motivation to get through life's obstacles.
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Access Your Allies

Having great friends and good relationships with the people around you can help you not feel lonely, can give you support in achieving your goals, and can help you make the right decisions in life.
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