Breaking Point

By Alex Flinn

Claim(Thesis Statement)

People are inherently evil, as seen in the novel Breaking Point, Through the actions of the characters.
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Paul is evil but has struggles fitting in with his new soundings.

"Go back to where you belong." Pg 13

"Talking to the jack who humiliated me." pg 18

"Some one slammed me into my locker again."pg 25

Some times people are manipulated in to doing bad things.

"They trust people to stay out for there goodness of their hearts." pg56

"way cool! Participated in the smashing." pg 71

"Charlie hadn't participated in the smashing."pg 72

A persons true self will ultimately show through in extreme situation.

"I twisted to look at charlie. he sat hands in lap neat, Innocent."Pg 225

"Your friend claims you used his computer."pg233

"I have friends, powerful friends."Pg237

If Paul was inherently good he wouldn't have let charlie manipulate him. There for he is evil.
Book Review | Breaking Point By Alex Flinn

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