Executive Branch

By Kristin and Avery

Presidential Succession

If anything were to happen to the president, this would be the line in which his job would be taken over by.
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The 15 Cabinets

Their job is to advise the President. They are the President's closest and most trusted advisors.
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Federal Bureaucracy

500 departments, agencies, administrations, authorities, and commissions that have responsibilities assigned to them

Independent agencies

-are the agencies that are outside of the federal executive departments

- headed by a Cabinet secretary

Vice President

-Assist the President, second highest in the Executive Branch, go to meetings and ready to help the President if needed.

-He is more involved with the president and very trusted.

-Joe Biden is our current VP

Speaker of the House

Head of the House of Represetatives

President Pro-tempore of the Senate

Recognized officer of a legislative body who is the authority over the chamber

Secretary of State

the head of State Department, and also responsible for foreign affairs

Secretary of treausry

Department of treasury. Deals with all financial and monetary matters directly relating to the government.

Secretary of defense

Department of defense:The head of the war time issues, gives president information in defending the nation.

Attorney General

They give legal advice to the government.

Secretary of the Interior

-they advise Federal agencies on the preservation of historic properties

-and list the National Register of Historic Places under Departmental authority

Secretary of Agriculture

Is the U.S. federal executive department that is responsible for developing and executing federal government policy on farming, agriculture, forestry, and food.

Secretary of Commerece

The cabinet department in the U.S. Government that deals with business, trade and commerce. Creates jobs.

Secretary of Labor

Is a cabinet body responsible for safety, wages and number of hours worked, unemployment insurance benefits, and re-employment services.

Secretary of Health and Human Services

Health Department: Helps with protecting all Americans-human services.

Secretary of Housing and Urban

Agency created in to support community development and increase home ownership

Secretary of Transportion

A department of the federal executive branch responsible for the national highways and for railroad and airline safety.

Secretary Energy

Department of energy that is concerned with the United States' policies regarding energy and safety in handling nuclear issues.

- Regulatory Commission

Secretary of Education

Department of education: responsible for providing federal aid to educational institutions and financial aid to students

Secretary of Veterans Affairs

Department of Veterans Affairs: is a governement military veteran benefit system

Secretary of Homeland Security

-National Security Council

-Reduces terrorist attacks

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Chief of Staff, Press Secretary, and White House Staff members

-They all be sure and fulfill the Presidents needs

-Take care and run White House