Passing of Obama Care

Chandler Bray

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The 5 W's of Obama Care

Obama care is not the official name of the act passed by congress. The original name is the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act. Originally signed into law on March 23, 2010, the controversy reigned long after that day. Obviously the name of the game is politics and everyone has their own opinion about right and wrong. But it seems that in this case, rules might have been bent a little too far.

Republican View Point

60 votes are needed to pass a bill through the US Senate. 60 is also the number of democrats that were present in the Senate during the voting of Obamacare. Right after the bill was passed a democratic senator from Massachusetts passed away. His predecessor was a republican. This did not change the outcome of anything since the bill had already passed, right? Wrong. If the bill had any modifications made to it, it would have to move back through the senate. Now with only 59 of the 60 votes the bill would not pass, no republican would vote in favor of Obamacare. The Senate and house leaders made a deal to pass the bill through the house because a new modified bill would not make it through the Senate again. So, Democrats made a new modification bill and used any means to pass it. They declared the "Reconciliation Rule" which means only 51 votes are needed to pass a law. But the rule was only intended for passing budget regulations in the senate. So, without a single republican in favor; Obamacare and its modification, was passed.
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Senator Ted Kennedy (D) passed away right after the passing of Obamacare

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Senator Scott Brown (R) replaced Ted Kennedy, making the crucial 60 vote count, one short for democrats.

Democratic View Point

Uninsured middle and lower class citizens were the main focus of the Affordable Health Care Act.The Democrats needed a way to get health care to a nation struggling to stay healthy and make strives the the area of general medical practice. 16.8 million Americans now have affordable health care. Many democratic sites even stated that they are "proud" that they could pass a law that was completely opposed by the republicans. But following the passing of this bill and the new of how they got it passed. The democratic party has seen a political fallout. Losing majority in both the House and the Senate.

Media Bias Explained

British Author and writer of Shooting an Elephant George Orwell said, "Political language is designed to make lies sound truthful and murder sound respectable." Many stories change based on how the writer interprets the story. This amazing accomplishment of passing Obamacare for the democrats was a step backwards for republicans. News stations especially are known for being political. Fox News is known for being very conservative where as other stations take the liberal side of stories.

Marxist Criticism

Depending on what economical standing you are in you could see the passing of Obamacare as having a positive or negative impact. Lower income individuals loved the passing because it gives all of them free health insurance. Doctors and other high income individuals did not like seeing this change as they were losing money rapidly.

Historical Criticism

Many years ago the announcing of the reconciliation rule would not have happened. Political parties did not force a person to vote a certain way and i'm sure that at least one republican sided with the democrats on this matter. But the party system has such a tight grasp on the representatives now that no individual voice will be heard. There also wasn't this disobedience by members of congress to pass a bill at any cost.
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