My Identity, Who I Am

Nathan Stephen Per 7

Part 1

'It's a never ending battle of making your cars better and also trying to be better yourself' - Dale Earnhardt

This quote describes me the most and fits me the most because I love cars, working on them and well cars are hobby, and my passion. And Dale Earnhardt is also a car racer that I look up too and his quote just describes me and fits me.

Part 2

This Picture describes and represents my identity because its a picture of what type of car I have and I like Honda's and I want my car looking like this soon, it my project.

Part 3

Honda-Fetish Shootout 2K13 is an event I went to back in November and it fits me because I love Honda's, cars and racing and that's what was there at the event and I spent all day there watching races and looking at cars.