Bremen Business Connections

College and Career Readiness


Sports Marketing Class worked with the Spring Play (Myths at the Edge of the World).

Students worked in groups

1. Social Media Marketing - In Charge of marketing the play via the internet

2. Corporate Sponsorship - In Charge of getting sponsors for the play

3. Pricing - Developing seating arrangements, prices for seats, concessions, sponsors

4. Print Advertisements - In Charge of advertising in the school, banners, flyers, announcements.

Spring Play Playbill - Developed By Students

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Real World Experiences

Students went to large corporations to tour the facility and have conversations with real employees about their positions and responsibilities in the work force.

1. Google

2. Groupon

3. U.S. Cellular Field

4. Chicago Magnesium

5. South Suburban College

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Students taking the Marketing Tour of U.S. Cellular Field

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Students Working at Google!

Local Business Relationships

Sports Marketing Class has made connections with:

1. Charter Fitness in Midlothian - Students made the connection to set up a fundraiser

2. In Print Graphics - Oak Forest - Students will be interning in the Fall of 2017 from the Sports Marketing Class

3. Tribeca Media Arts - Summer Internships for Marketing (social, print, and television)

Guest Speakers

Professionals came to Bremen to discuss real-life positions and experiences.

  • 1. Art Institute of Chicago
  • 2. Tribeca Media Arts (focused on careers in animation/graphic design)
  • 3. United States Office of Education Loan Officer
  • 4. Fifth Third Bank