Maggie Avis

History of Science

I have always like science, until last year because i never fully understood what the teacher was trying teach. No offense to the teacher, i just didn't learn well from her teaching methods. Therefore, learning the material was very stressful and a chore. I learn better from examples and breaking it down. I like seeing what science can do, seeing how we can use to better our lives, and learning how everything is connected.


i love playing sports and trying new ones. I play volleyball year long (school, and travel), and soccer for school. I tried surfing over the summer, so much fun but a lot harder then it looks. I also started playing grass volleyball over the summer with a friend (its beach volleyball just on grass)


Sadly I have not travel as nearly as much I want to. I would love to do the whole Europe thing; Greece, Italy, France, Spain, England, Ireland and Scotland. But for now I have traveled to Atlanta, Georgia (GO BRAVES!) and to Boston. I have been a few other places but just because of volleyball tournaments, and when I am where ever all I see is the inside of a gym.