Learning In 215

September 2017

Welcome to Third Grade!

The first month of school has passed so quickly! The third graders in room 215 are quickly becoming a caring community of learners, thinkers, and problem-solvers! We are fortunate to have Mr. I, a student teacher, helping us learn our new routines and settle into third grade. We hope you enjoy this newsletter of our first month in school!

Mrs. Sokolowski was thrilled to meet her 3rd graders!

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Mr. Inzirillo shared his All About Me bag with our class!

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We are a Community of Readers and Thinkers!

Building a Reading Life

Our first unit in Reading Workshop has been about building excitement for reading! We've been discussing how reading helps you to know so many things and may even make you kinder. Our class has listened to many fantastic books read aloud for #Classroombookaday. We've practiced "noticing" and "wondering" and being active thinkers and readers. Students have self-selected books and we've had discussions on good-fit books and making the best choices at reading time. Each student has a digital reading wall to keep track of books that are read. Students are using their reading notebooks to keep track of all the reading they are doing, keep notes on books, and notes from lessons in the class. We can't wait to read and grow more as thinkers and learners!

Writers Write for READERS!

Launching Writing Workshop

Writers write for READERS! We've been learning that there are so many things writers can write, but they need to think about their audience! Writers need to write so that readers can read and understand the piece. Punctuation, capital letters, and a clear message help readers. We talked about the importance of writer's notebooks and we personalized our notebooks! We also launched our blogs!

Making Our Mark on Dot Day 2017

Dot Day 2017

The Dot is a book by Peter H. Reynolds. The book is all about making a mark and seeing where it takes you and supporting each other along the way. International Dot Day is on September 15th and students around the world mark this day in different ways. In our class, we learned about the Marble Theory of Intelligence. This theory says that we are all born with the same amount of intelligence but we allocate it differently. Picture intelligence as marbles and we have cups that the marbles go in...the cups represent our skills. Some classmates might have a lot of marbles in a math facts cup. Other classmates might have more marbles in artistic skills. The good news is we can all get better at whatever we want to by working hard and putting in effort!

On Dot Day, we also tried our own QuiverVision Dot, which became 3D. We used marshmallows and toothpicks to build the tallest structure we could, thinking about persistence, teamwork, and other skills that help a group succeed. We also talked about the hurricanes that have caused so much destruction. We made cards for students in Houston, Texas, to let them know we are thinking about them and sending them positive thoughts.

Cards We Created for Students in Houston

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Class Marshmallow Challenge!


Understanding Addition, Subtraction, and Place Value

In Math, we've been reviewing strategies for addition and subtraction. Students are learning about estimating and rounding to then nearest ten and hundred. Students have been engaged in problem-solving!
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Innovation Lab!

Third Graders Visit the Innovation Lab

We were so excited to visit our new school Innovation Lab. Mrs. Corazzata and Mrs. DeTommaso led us in a Spaghetti Marshmallow Challenge and inspired our class to come up with a lot of fun creations after reading Clay Mates by Dev Petty. The Innovation Lab is a place where students can be creative, collaborate, and learn new skills! We can't wait to visit the Innovation Lab again.

Exploring the World: Geography

Social Studies Unit

During this Social Studies unit, we've been learning the names and locations of the continents and oceans. Students learned about lines of latitude and longitude and the compass rose. We played Kahoot! to review the continents and oceans. Students enjoyed this interactive online game.
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Getting to Know Each Other!

Spirit Week: YOU are a DALER!



September's Read Alouds #classroombookaday