The book theif By:Marcus Zusak

552 pages

Famous quote/catch phrase

There are worse crimes than burning books. One of them is not reading them.

- Joseph Brodsky


During ww2, in the town of Molching, Germany lived a poor and grieving child, named Leisel Meminger. Before living in Molching, she lived with her mother, but one day, her mother took her and her brother to a new foster family and left her. During this process, there is death and confusion swirling in the mind of young Leisel. Soon after, Leisel grew to love her new family. Especially her Papa. And every night she experienced nightmares and her Papa was always there, and read a book to her that she supposedly "owned." This love for words, inspired her to steal books and make new friends on the way. But what will happen when the family hides and protects a Jewish fist fighter??


In life, theme's are all around us. Like: loyalty, bravery, etc. We kind of live a never ending story, there's always a setting, a plot, characters, and moral's. One day, might have one moral, and another day another one. Basically we have our own theme. Our personalities may give us a theme. Like: optimism, courage, creativity. But in the long run, our themes characterize us, and help us learn and become wiser.

I couldn't choose just one theme, so I picked three.

3 themes of the book