Cost of Education

Matthew Hennessey


Nowadays, the cost of a good college education is at its highest point ever. Students across the country are struggling to pay off their student loans and are left with thousands of dollars in debt when they leave school. This topic has become very controversial among the candidates running for office. Many different plans and views have been laid out by candidates on what they plan to do about the high cost of education in the U.S.
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Trump's Plan (R): “As president, I will establish the national goal of providing school choice to every American child living in poverty.

Republican candidate Donald Trump says that he plans to get rid of the government's profit from student loans. In doing this, Trump says that student loans will decrease and college tuition will also decrease.

Republicans that are currently in congress plan to do much of what Trump is planning on doing. They are trying to decrease student loans by eliminating federal student loans.

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Clinton's Plan (D) “I fully support President Obama’s plan to make community college free.”

Clinton, the democratic candidate, plans for a much more drastic change in the cost of education. Clinton plans to make all community colleges free and to allow for students going to a 4-year public school to go without having to take out loans. For the students that have to take out loans, they will only be required to pay 10% of what they make.

Democrats that are currently in congress are not planning for as much change as Clinton is. They are more focused on expanding public school options and cutting student loan interest rates.

WATCH: Hillary Clinton's 350 Billion Dollar Education Plan

Other Candidates (Gary Johnson and Jill Stein)

Gary Johnson has not said much about the cost of education. He is more focused on making education better. He plans to get rid of national education standards so that students can learn on their own level.

Jill Stein believes that all colleges throughout the country should be free of tuition. Stein believes that every person has the right to an education and that is should be free of charge.

Organizations Involved:

There are several organizations that are trying to lower the cost of a college education. The largest of these organizations is the Campaign for Free College Tuition. They believe that everyone has the right to a free college education in order to educate the next generation.