Paleolithic vs. Neolithic

Old Stone Age vs. New Stone Age

Paleolithic Era (Old Stone Age)

The Paleolithic Era was the time of nomads. Nomads were people who had no settled housing. During this age people began to hunt in groups. Some of their hunted animals included the mammoth, wild boar and reindeer. Because of the lack of food and the constant moving, populations tended to be small. These people usually died at a very early age because of hunger, disease, or injury. Early people were quite smart. They developed tools that made life easier for them. They were simple tools but they were able to use stones, sticks, bones and other things to make weapons for hunting and defense. When Paleolithic people had a successful hunt, they would use every part of the animal they killed. They would use the meat for food, the skins for clothing, and the bones for tools or weapons. If they were unable to find the shelter of a cave, they might also use the bones and skins to make simple huts.

Paleolithic Era Food Pyramid

Neolithic Era (New Stone Age)

The Neolithic Era lasted till about 6,000 to 12,000 years ago. Unlike the old stone age, people began to settle in one place. Man began to change their diet and eat grains and small animals. During the Neolithic Era, they developed agriculture. Agriculture is the raising of crops and animals. They developed agriculture over a long period of time. People no longer needed to travel great distances to gather food. People learned to domesticate plants and animals.

Donesticate: to train something to be useful to people.

Early people learned to care for plants such as wheat, barley, peas and lentils. First farmers also domesticated wild goat and lambs. over the years man domesticated wild wheat.

Neolithic Era Food Pyramid