OneNote Notebook

Getting Started with OneNote Notebook

Bell Work:

  • Sit beside someone in the first 2 rows of the lab
  • Get logged in and navigate to this Smore:
  • Select the OneNote for Teachers button below and watch the Overview


  • Review examples of ways to use OneNote Notebooks
  • Create a notebook for personal, PLC, or student use
  • Explore options in OneNote: Home Ribbon, Insert options, etc.
  • Work with sections and pages and add content to a page
  • Review sharing options and share the notebook
  • Review locating and finding the notebook
  • Overview of Class and Staff Notebooks


  1. Create a new OneNote in OneDrive
  2. Create at least 2 sections
  3. Create at least 2 pages
  4. Add text to a page
  5. Insert files
  6. Locating and opening your saved OneNote notebook
  7. Sharing your notebook
  8. Launch your notebook in the installed version of OneNote 2013 or 2016
  9. Brainstorm ways that you could use OneNote

Tips and Tricks:

  • ALWAYS start in OneDrive, never in the installed version
  • There are multiple ways to access your notebook (online OneNote v. installed OneNote)
  • Using the Send to OneNote feature or Print to OneNote

How can I use this with my students for instruction?


  • Share your unit notebook
  • Student collaboration notebook
  • Best option ... OneNote Class Notebooks!!

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