10th Grade College & Career

Quarter 2 Meeting - November 20, 2015

Playing Catch Up

The students had so many good questions, points, and knowledge to share during our September meeting, that we were unable to get through all the material that day! The students were able to identify an example, list requirements, and provide some pros and cons for each of the post-secondary options we discussed. Please view our presentation here.
Success in the New Economy

Career Cruising

Students were introduced to Career Cruising back in 8th grade, however, many of them do not understand the wealth of information that the website can provide. Important elements that we discussed were:

  • Career look-up: students can look up a career and learn about its requirements, pay, abilities needed, and local schools that offer training.
  • College look-up: students can look up a school to learn more about what they offer, tuition cost, and application requirements.
  • Interest inventories: students can answer a small amount of questions and receive a list of careers that they might enjoy. These inventories can be saved and students can even choose to answer more questions to get "better" results.
  • Activities Record: students can keep track of activities (both school related and not), awards, volunteer hours, and work experience in one place. This will become important to them when they need to apply for jobs, scholarships, or schools.