- A nations backround

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The creation of Spain

After the completion of the long lasting Reconquista, Spain was officially formed by uniting all of the Spanish Kingdoms under Habsburg Rule in 1516 which is considered the official start of the Nation we know today. However the Spanish empire had been around for a very long time but they struggled until being brought together by King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella who are considered Spain's founders and most important historical figures. At the time of the nation's official beginning, the Spanish Empire was quickly growing into the new world which would also mark the beginning of the Golden age of Spain. At the time it became officially known as Habsburg Spain, it was also among one of the most powerful countries in Europe giving the Nation a strong start as it was officially known as Spain

The Alhambra

The Alhambra was a palace and fortress constructed in 889 on the remains of Roman land but soon became abandoned and turned to ruins until being remodeled in the thirteenth century who then converted it into a royal palace. This historical palace also became home to King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella which was their home as they were trying to unify the nation. The Alhambra is also where Christopher Columbus received royal endorsement for his historic voyage in 1492. Today, the Alhambra is considered to be Spain's most visited historical monument which receives over 3 million visitors each year.
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Important Person- Catherine of Aragon

Catherine of Aragon, born December 16, 1485 in Alcala de Henares, Spain would go on to leave her mark in European history. Catherine, daughter of King Ferdinand II and Queen Isabella would go on to marry King Henry VIII. Unfortunately for her, Catherine was unable to give birth to a male heir in their 24 years of marriage causing King Henry to end the marriage and marry Anne Boleyn who would also not give birth to a Male heir causing her the position as Queen and even her life as King Henry VIII became mad causing him to go on and marry many other women in attempt to birth a Male Heir.
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The Spanish Flag, as seen on the right is composed of three horizontal bands, red, yellow, and then red again. The symbol which is located on the left side of the flag, represents the Coat of Arms The shield includes the royal seal, which is by two crowned pillars (the Pillars of Hercules) has the inscription Plus Ultra, and a royal crown on top.

Line from the National Anthem

Spain, along with three other countries do not actually have any official lyrics. However throughout the years many people have used multiple different versions. Due to the upcoming Olympics this summer of 2016 the Spanish Olympic Committee has issued a competition for best National Anthem which has already received over 7,000 entries.